Opening Range Breakout Indicator For TradeStation

Opening Range Breakout – Larry Williams, Toby Crabel, and Sheldon Knight Methods. The Opening Range Breakout is a very common trading strategy that has been around for many years. In over a decade of trading, it is one of the very few daytrading strategies that I have found to be fairly consistent.

TradeStation Forum - Opening Range Breakout System

The Opening Range Breakout System for TradeStation was designed after the developer’s Futures Magazine feature article “Patience is a Virtue”. By waiting until the opening range is established (one hour after the open of the day session) and only trading certain breakouts as identified by the system, many high probability trades can be

Opening Range Breakout (ORB) Trading System ~ Technical

Any stock creates a range in the first 30 minutes of trading in a day. This is calling Opening Range. Entry should be made only on close of the 5 min candle outside the opening range. Opening Range Breakout (ORB) Trading System.

Opening Range Breakout - FOR FUTURES, COMMODITIES, AND

The concept of opening range breakout (ORB) is popular within the trading community. The premise of it is very simple: what happens during the first 15 minutes (or first 30 minutes) of a stock’s opening can be predictive of the price movements expected for the day.

Opening Range Breakout - Market Geeks

To trade the opening range breakout, I prefer to use a 5 minute bar chart and place a buy stop a few ticks above the highest price reached during the previous six bars and simultaneously place a sell stop a few ticks below the lowest price reached during the past 6 trading bars.

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