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Monsoon (/ m ɒ n ˈ s uː n /) is traditionally defined as a seasonal reversing wind accompanied by corresponding changes in precipitation, but is now used to describe seasonal changes in atmospheric circulation and precipitation associated with the asymmetric heating of land and sea. Usually, the term monsoon is used to refer to the rainy phase of a seasonally changing pattern, although

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The East Asian monsoon is a monsoonal flow that carries moist air from the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean to East Asia.It affects approximately one-third of the global population, influencing the climate of Japan (including Okinawa), the Koreas, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and much of Mainland China.It is driven by temperature differences between the East Asian continent and the Pacific Ocean.

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December 18, 2018 Groups of Pilot Whales Have Their Own Dialects. In humans, different social groups, cities, or regions often have distinct accents and dialects.

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