How to Run The Task Manager as an Admin in Windows 10

Task manager in Windows is a powerful tool that helps users free up resources and troubleshoot apps. Here's how to use it more effectively as an admin.

Does task manager run as administrator by default on

The existing answer is very good. I'll provide some technical details, for those that like such things. Taskmgr.exe (in \Windows\System32) is the program that is run when you call for Task Manager.Inspecting it with a hex editor, I discovered that its manifest sets requestedExecutionLevel to highestAvailable.This means that if you are running as a local admin, Task Manager will require you to

How to Make Files, Apps Run Always as Admin in Windows 10

How to run files as Admin in Windows 10? From the specific file right-click menu; From the Task Manager; Manage to run an App as administrator; You might need a specific file or a specific application to always run as administrator in your Windows 10 Technical Preview and you will be pleased to know that you have this feature available in the system and by applying the steps below you will

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