"Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?": A Case

This post is a collaboration with Jennifer Dasal from the ArtCurious Podcast, in which we’ve both taken art historian Linda Nochlin’s 1971 article, “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?” and talked about it from new, contemporary perspectives.Go check out Jennifer’s episode here!. It’s easy for the average person to name one or two famous artists throughout history.

Smart Women Marry for Money, and Here's Why • Consumerism

Ginger is a fashionista in her late 20s — a wife and graduate student striving to have it all. She wrote this article for Consumerism Commentary, but Ginger also publishes the blog Girls Just Wanna Have Funds, and you can subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed here.. Let me preface this by stating that I am not suggesting that women marry solely for money, I am after all a believer in love and

Why women really love asshole? - The Alpha Next Door

This article is sequel to the popular Why women don’t really like nice guys? demystifying a phenomenon that is constantly observed by all men and yet still baffle most. Why women love jerks and assholes, what is the logic behind this, and what can we learn and use from that?

Why Are There Jihadists In Minnesota? - The Tower

~ Also in this issue ~ Ataturk, Ben-Gurion, and Turkey’s Road Not Taken by Gabriel Mitchell; The Unhinging of Andrew Sullivan by Liam Hoare; Why Are There Jihadists In Minnesota? by Aiden Pink The Decent Marxist by John-Paul Pagano; Could Israel Become a Cultural Superpower? by Benjamin Kerstein ~ Also by Aiden Pink ~

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