"Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?": A Case

This post is a collaboration with Jennifer Dasal from the ArtCurious Podcast, in which we’ve both taken art historian Linda Nochlin’s 1971 article, “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?” and talked about it from new, contemporary perspectives.Go check out Jennifer’s episode here!. It’s easy for the average person to name one or two famous artists throughout history.

Why Are There Jihadists In Minnesota? - The Tower

The video, which surfaced in August but had probably been circulating for much longer, is different from the others, however.This one, a tribute to three fallen terrorists, specifically calls on Muslims in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota, to join al-Shabab’s jihad to create a theocratic state in the Horn of Africa.

blooviscom - The Annotated Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

The following is the material concerning the Lamb from Hugh Fielder’s The Book Of Genesis.Fielder’s book is a verbatim (more or less) transcription of interviews he conducted with band members, with no other text on his part.

Why Scandinavian women make the rest of the world jealous

Icelanders are among the happiest and healthiest people on Earth. They publish more books per capita than any other country, and they have more artists.They boast the most prevalent belief in evolution — and elves, too.Iceland is the world’s most peaceful nation (the cops don’t even carry guns), and the best place for kids.Oh, and they had a lesbian head of state, the world’s first.

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