The 7 Best Windows 10 Dark Themes for Your Eyes

You can choose from one of Windows’ built-in themes, or click on Get more themes in Microsoft Store to see more.. 1. Windows 10 Dark Theme. With the 2017 Anniversary Update, Microsoft introduced a system-wide Windows 10 dark theme, which previously was only available via a registry hack How to Unlock the Dark Themes in Windows 10 Apps How to Unlock the Dark Themes in Windows 10 Apps Windows

Download Windows 10 Themes & Themepacks

If you want to tweak Windows 7 you also want to change your fonts. The default Windows 7 fonts might bore you after a while or they don't fit to your new theme.

Windows 7 Lamborghini Theme

The Windows 7 Lamborghini Theme includes a lot of different stuff. Most of it will be installed automatically after double-clicking the .themepack file.

10 Windows 10 Dark Themes (Ultimate Dark Edition Themes 2019)

1. The Official Windows 10 Dark Theme. Did we say that Windows 10 does not have an official Dark Theme? Well, we were partially wrong. In fact, there is a Windows 10 dark theme, but it isn’t visible from the common Settings area.

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